Talks, Installations, Workshops and Performances

Friday 16 July 1pm – 4.30pm
Open Session,  Morning Room, Russell-Cotes Gallery, Russell Cotes Road, Bournemouth

Meet some of the artists and curators involved in Public Domain and find out more about their work 
and the project. This is an opportunity to discuss the work informally, see demonstrations and find 
out more about collaborative digital arts and interaction.
Artists attending: Jennie Savage, Curtis McKinney, Louise Pack, Joe Stevens, Tom Davis.
Refreshments provided. 
Everyone Welcome.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

WINDscale, Rob Smith
 A durational video work controlled by the speed of the wind.An anemometer constantly measures 
 the speed of the wind while a video camera records it spinning on the roof of The Waterfront building 
 in Bournemouth. The data is linked to a computer  that changes the pixilation and frame rate of the video  
 in accordance to wind speed. The resulting output is sent to the big screen and displayed live throughout 
 the day creating a visual record of the wind. The effect of the wind on the video takes the form of an 
 interference pattern based on the Beaufort Wind Scale. The Beaufort Scale is a visual way of estimating 
 wind speed according to the appearance of the sea. There are thirteen speeds each with an official 
 description ranging from; 
    “Force 0 – Calm – Sea like a mirror”
    “Force 12- Hurricane- The air is filled with foam and spray. Visibility very seriously affected.”
Flow: The Musical Boat Race, 
Tom Davis, Curtis McKinney and Alain Renaud 

Flow is a highly participative piece of interactive art based around Bourne Streamthat runs through the 
Lower Gardens. You are invited to compose your own piece of music by dropping floats into the water 
and watching them move downstream. As the floats are carried away by the current they move past 
sensors and trigger sounds, their frequency affecting the overall structure of the music. You can also 
track your boat's progress via a camera and a visual representation on the park's big screen. This piece 
is as much about taking part as the finished product, so why not race a friend's boat down the stream 
whilst creating your own musical accompaniment?  

The artists in this collaboration are known individually for their work of international significance in 
sound and networked technology. 

This is a new site specific commission made for Bournemouth Lower Gardens.


13.45 – 16.45 (Please note these are the correct revised times)

Animation Workshops for families with Lecturers from National Centre for Computer Animation,  
The Media School, Bournemouth University – Steve Harper, Susan Sloan and Adam Vanner.
The tutors on these workshops all have years of experience on an industry and international level 
in a range of contexts such as arts, 3D, motion capture, broadcast and computer animation. 
Their work has been shown in festivals all over the world as broadcast and exhibition. These three 
parallel sessions will look at different styles of animation and will allow participants to have 
hands on experience of the genre. Whatever your age this is a must for all with an interest in the 
creative side of film, gaming and animation. Animations produced in the workshops will be shown 
on the screen in the Lower Gardens. 
All welcome – if you wish to stay for the full 3 hours please book by contacting SCAN.


The Guide to Getting Lost, Jennie Savage 10.00 – 17.00
The Guide to Getting Lost is an MP3 audio walk that invites you to explore Bournemouth through the sonic 
& geographic landscape of another place. Choose where you listen to; East London, a Moroccan Souk, 
Indian festival, Copenhagen high street, Drake Circus shopping centre, Plymouth….In turn you will become 
lost in Bournemouth, giving yourself up to walking the routes and pathways that Jennie Savage has taken in 
another place, stepping into a sound world which narrates another landscape. To experience the walk you can
borrow an MP3 player from the Guide to Getting Lost Stall in the Lower Gardens. (A small returnable deposit 
will be required)
Length of walks are approx. 30min
Seaside Sonic Survey, Workshop Session, Joe Stevens 2pm – 5pm

Our trips to the seaside are usually described in visual terms, “oh what a lovely view”. But it is often 
our sense of hearing that defines our experience of being beside the sea. From the quiet sounds of the waves 
lapping on the beach, to the sound of families laughing together, artist, Joe Stevens, wants your help to 
survey the sonic landmarks of the seaside. What sounds areimportant? And what are your earliest sonic memories 
of the seaside?This event is part of World Listening Day, a series of events that aim to celebrate the 
practice of listening as it relates to the world around us.  All welcome.
Processing and collective creativity with boredomresearch
(Vicky Isley and Paul Smith) 2pm – 5pm
boredomresearch will be running a workshop introducing the basics of coding in Processing  - an open source 
programming language enabling you to create visuals, animations, games and interactive work. Drop in to 
learn how to create your own drawing tools and how to make these interactive with mouse functions. 
Collaborating as boredomresearch, Southampton based Vicky Isley and Paul Smith create engaging digital artworks, 
developing themes and crossing boundaries between science, art and technology. They have produced a number of 
interactive sound applications, public artworks, online projects and generative systems. 
All welcome.

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