Gallery 3 – Video as Installation

Peter Hardie, Falling Water (2007) 2mins

Falling Water marks a point in the artist’s work dedicated to the physical properties of water and their representation in animation. Using a software package that incorporates a particle system, Hardie has transposed these specifically into the qualities of water. Almost indistinguishable from film of waterfall, Hardie is able to manipulate and represent subtle observations of water to his own ideas and designs. The resultant images, which are exhibited both as still prints and animations, provide stunning and sumptuous imagery packed with a strong sense of the spiritual qualities of water.

Peter Hardie is co-founder of the National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University and has exhibited at film festivals internationally, and regularly at SIGGRAPH. He exhibited a one-person show at New Greenham Arts in early 2007. For more information please visit:

Stephen Turner, Greenworld (2005/6), 4mins 50secs

Greenworld forms part of a broader project entitled Seafort which took place eight miles off the Kent Coast that consisted of a blog, webcam documentation, a publication and an installation. Turner was in residence alone on the derelict searchlight tower of the Shivering Sands Seafort for 36 days from 4 August until 9 September 2005, a time period corresponding to a tour of duty in the fort during WWII. The Seafort Project was an artistic exploration of isolation, investigating how one’s experience of time and place changes in isolation, and what creative contemplation means in a twenty first century context. Turner’s work often involves spending long periods in odd, abandoned places, noting changes in the complex relationship between nature and the man-made. This video piece was created from successive stills shot through a tiny rust eaten hole in the steel floor of the fort, capturing the movement of the sea some 17 metres below. Looking like a distant world seen at great magnification, it transcends the decaying reality of the fort. The Seafort book is available from

Stephen Turner has been investigating the Thames Gateway landscape and architecture since 1998. He has shown recently at Turner Contemporary in Margate, Trinity Buoy Wharf in London, The Metropole Galleries in Folkestone and Whitstable Museum and Art Gallery. In 2003 he showed as part of Water at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Toyota, and Honen-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan. Turner has been artist in residence in The Kings Wood, for Stour Valley Arts, and in Rye for Coastal Currents; has won the Hunting Drawing Art Prize, 2003; and was lead artist for Four Shores, a project on the Isle of Sheppey. Work from the Seafort Project was shown in Theatrum Mundi; performance architecture, at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland December 2006 – February 2007.

Carla Brennan, Hand Bagging (2007) 3mins

Hand Bagging is part of a series in which Carla Brennan explores the different meanings and uses of the word ‘Bag’, which the artist strongly associates with the notion of the journey. Emotional displacement is a key theme in Brennan’s work, attributable to a physical displacement – which can be witnessed in the relationship between the breathing of the protagonist, and the fluttering flame of the candle.

Carla Brennan is a recent graduate of the MA at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

Yvonne Jones, X-IT (2007) 4mins

Yvonne Jones’ video works are borne out of her own medical experiences, and are often uncomfortable and uncompromising. As her camera lingers on a bowl containing an unidentified mixture of material, the viewer is left to meditate on their own corporeal existence eliciting a response that the artist describes as ‘utter disgust and repugnance to a hypnotic involvement.’

Yvonne Jones has exhibited her work widely, including at the University of Reading Body / Mind conference; New Contemporaries; Leeds Met; New Hall College Cambridge; Oriel Mostyn; RA, Kunstzentrum Glinde / Reinbeck, Germany, and several one person shows across the UK. She is currently working towards her doctorate at the Winchester School of Art.

Jane Grant, Running Piece (2004) 2mins 33secs

In Running Piece the camera is static and records the legs of a woman attempting to leap across the visual frame of the camera. The footage shows only a small fragment of what is taking place; it is the sound that ‘describes’ the space of the room. There are two frames within the piece, the first, the visual frame: what is seen, the second, the frame of the space/room which is hidden and only described or alluded to through sound. The fragmented body is impermanent, it’s trajectory imagined.

Jane Grant is an artist who works with film, video, sound and installation and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in venues including Spacex Gallery, Chapter and Walsall Museum and Art Gallery. Many other exhibitions have been site specific. She is currently principle

investigator of a research project merging neural time patterns with the human voice funded by the AHRC.

Stephen Bell, Track (2007), 5mins

Track is a development of Stephen Bell’s research into artificial life algorithms and their visualization. It simulates the trail of an animal in the wild while looking at the role of abstract cinema in art. Bell literally takes a line for a walk in this subtle piece about movement and the texture of animation.

Bell joined a small group of artists at The Slade in the 1970s who were pioneering the use of computers in art. Since then he has been using computer programming to produce work: plotted drawings in the 1970s and the Smallworld and Tinyworld interactive works in the 80’s and 90’s. In 1989 he moved to Bournemouth, helping to establish the National Centre for Computer Animation. Bell’s work celebrates how we use aesthetic sensibilities to make sense of complex dynamic behavioural systems like the social behaviours of humans and animals. For more information go to Stephen Bell’s website:

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