Dark Places

Chris Oakley, Still from Half Life

Dark Places, a new programme by The Arts Catalyst and SCAN, is a series of artists projects and events that will examine territories of science and scientific sites in the UK. Five artists research projects have been selected for Dark Places:

Video artist Chris Oakley’s new film explores the cyclic histories of Harwell, birthplace of the UK nuclear industry, and the new development of fusion energy technology at Culham in Oxfordshire.

Simon Hollington & Kypros Kyprianou are researching a new installation focusing on changing perceptions of the nuclear power industry over its 50 year history.

Writer Steve Beard & artist Victoria Halford are investigating the government-controlled Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton, Derbyshire, where human life is priced on an industrial basis.

Neal White will create an online visual catalogue and archived reflection upon the places, sites and institutions undertaking critical enquiries and investigations on behalf of government bodies and scientific communities.

Performance artist Lucy Panesar is researching the marketing of drugs and therapies to control our negative emotions. Corporate Personae was a seminar developing Lucy’s research on corporate social responsibility at Space Gallery, May 2007.

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