Artist in Residence: Rachel Beth Egenhoefer at University of Brighton, Lighthouse and Furtherfield

Residency: January – April 2008

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer considers her Commodore 64 computer and Fisher Price loom to be defining objects of her childhood. Using knitting and candy she creates physical representations of digital information and computation and is currently researching the intersection of textiles, technology, and the body.

After 2 months of working in the studio at University of Brighton, Rachel Beth has been showing the work in progress at Lighthouse (exhibition ends April 5). During her residency period she has worked on tracking the motion of knitting needles in both physical and virtual space, playing with the Wii, and investigating representations of motion in body/machine interaction for example through the production of a zoetrope. Additional works explore the space between body and machine as a place for architectural design.

Rachel Beth’s residency concludes at Furtherfield where she proposes to consider the development of her works in progress in the future.

Events at Furtherfield during the residency

Free afternoon Student Workshop with Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
16 April 1 – 4pm (limited student places)
Participants in this afternoon session are invited to share their own work (or work in progress) and will have the opportunity to hear Rachel Beth talk about her work in relation to process, making and materials. This is a unique opportunity for students to engage in interdisciplinary discussion with students from different departments, universities, and guests at Furtherfield. Students interested in interdisciplinary crossovers and collaboration in Digital Media, Textiles, and all other disciplines are encouraged to attend. Students from Goldsmiths, Slade, University of the Arts London & University of East London are invited to attend.

Event: Configurations: Technology and Textiles Networking Afternoon
25 April, 3.30 – 6pm, Http Gallery (Booking essential)

You are invited to share ideas, discuss and develop future working around art work that investigates the relationship between new technology, traditional making techniques and transformative political actions. Anna Dumitriu, Ele Carpenter, Nicola Naismith and Rachel Beth Egenhoefer will present their work using diverse approaches to the making of work using new technology alongside textiles, followed by a “Long Table Discussion”.

The “Long Table Discussion”‚ is an experimental public forum developed by performance artist Lois Weaver. It is a hybrid performance, installation and roundtable discussion designed to facilitate informal conversations on serious topics encouraging everyone to contribute. Previous “Long Table Discussions” include conversations on Women and Prisons, Human Rights and Performance and Manufacturing Bodies.

This event is free however advanced booking is necessary. To book places please contact Aaron,

6pm – 9pm (all welcome): Party to celebrate the close of Rachel Beth Egenhoefer’s residency at Furtherfield/HTTP Gallery and providing an opportunity to discuss her work and experiences during the residency.

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer’s residency and Configurations is part of Distributed South an initiative co-curated by SCAN and Space Media. The residency and event is funded by the Arts Council England, University of Wales, University of Brighton, Lighthouse Brighton with support from, Textile Futures Research Group (TFRG) and University of the Arts London.

71, Ashfield Rd, London N4 1NY

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