Igloo - Summer Branch

4 March – 30 April 2006

Summerbranch is a new commission by Igloo that explores movement and stillness in nature. Using camouflage and other disguises, a person or a computer character can blend into a ‘natural’ environment captured and treated through the moving image. This installation uses the tools of the military-entertainment complex: computer gaming, motion capture, 3D environments and special effects to question what is truth and artifice in our attempts to reproduce nature. Through the creation of a computer generated virtual world Summerbranch seeks to address this through the use of disguise in dance and movement. Igloo not only investigate the role of the ‘real’ in virtual environments but also that of the reproduction of nature in the history of art and particularly landscape work.

Summerbranch: A Capture 4 co-commission between ArtSway, SCAN & Arts Council England.

Exhibition Related Events at ArtSway:

Motion Capture Demo Day: Monday 27 March 2006
10:30am ­- 3:30pm
An opportunity for college students, lecturers and heads of departments to visit ArtSway for a demonstration day of Motion Capture Technology by experts Animazoo. Igloo will also be demonstrating this equipment in relation to their work. FREE

Gallery Talk: Saturday 8 April 2006 at 2pm
Join Igloo artists Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli on an informal tour of the exhibition as they discuss their work with SCAN Director Helen Sloan. FREE


Digital Reality Flythrough: Tuesday 7 March, 6.30 – 8.30pm
DANA Centre, Queens Gate, London SW7 5HE
A seminar looking at realism in CG special effects and gaming. Representatives from software, gaming, arts and special effects will examine current trends in the real and hyper-real. As part of this seminar Igloo
will present their research for Summerbranch. Organised by SCAN and Science Museum as part of Node.L Digital Media Festival, London (Free – Please contact DANA Centre for booking: 020 7942 4040 or tickets@danacentre.org.uk)

Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli

Igloo Collaborators:
Mark Bruce, Joanne Fong, Alex Jevremovic, John McCormick, Adam Nash, Alex Woolner

Many thanks to Henry Dalton, Lisette Punky Pixie, Matthew Andrews, Gillian Carnegie, Toby Zeigler, Verushka & everyone at ArtSway

Industry Support:
Animazoo, RMIT, Coventry University, Bionatics, 3TRPD


If you require full press release, additional images or access to artists please contact Adelina Jedrzejczak on +44 (0)1590 682260 or by email adelina@artsway.org.uk

Additional information:



Further Information on Capture 4:




ArtSway, Station Road, Sway, Hampshire SO41 6BA
Tel: +44 (0)1590 682260 E: mail@artsway.org.uk
W: www.artsway.org.uk

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