SCAN has now moved to Bournemouth University to work with The Media School housing the internationally renowned National Centre for Computer Animation and extensive courses and facilities for broadcast media. It earned top research points in the last academic assessment and SCAN is pleased to be invited to work with the School to develop media arts and practice led research. SCAN will work with the University and its researchers as well as continuing to deliver its programme of commissions and partnerships regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our new contact details are:
Room 216, The Media School
Weymouth House, Bournemouth University
Talbot Campus
BH12 5BB
01202 961451

Opening 19th September 2008 6.30 – 8pm. All welcome
SCAN Production at South Hill Park, Bracknell Gallery
hair+spit v1.0 Patrick Courtney and Mike Lion
Sound Installation as part of the Sound:Space Season
South Hill Park, Ringmead, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7PA
20 September – 9 November
Opening: September 19, 6.30 – 8pm

The end result of complete cellular representation is cancer.
William S. Burroughs Naked Lunch 134

In a small totally blacked out space, an immersive sonic environment, I want to put the audience somewhere in the position I was sitting with my son in a children’s oncology ward in the dead of night with the faint sound of the infusion pump which had the unsettling psychological effect of slowly increasing in volume until it was all I could hear.
Patrick Courtney, 2008

hair+spit v1.0 is a war broadcast taken from over 17 hours of actual sound recordings of chemotherapy treatment. The sound of the drugs, blood transfusions, hydration treatments and food supplements entering the body. hair+spit v1.0 provides an extraordinary insight into the treatment of cancer and its associated psychological and physiological struggles. This piece transcends a purely autobiographical reading of the work by drawing the audience into a universal world looking at mortality, complexity of the body and the fine line between the toxic and healing qualities of chemotherapy. hair+spit v1.0 examines the theatre of war on both a micro (the body) and macro (territorial war) level using sonic arts sensitively and with great impact.

The current v1.0 is a looped sound recording (8’ 13”) of a Baxter Pump injecting chemicals into the body. The sound has been post-produced in the studio to reveal and broadcast the chemotherapy as it was administered. The end result is a highly charged sound installation that simultaneously evokes the struggle and conflict of the treatment of cancer along with the long periods of waiting to find out if it is working. In order to achieve this effect, the audience is invited to experience the sound loop in a completely blacked out space.

Patrick Courtney and Mike Lion have collaborated on this project beginning a partnership, which is being consolidated through a number of pieces focused on sound

For opening times and more details please go to:

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