CNC/Rapid Prototyping Seminar Archive

Seminar – Rapid Prototyping and the Arts 22/10/04
1pm – 4pm New Greenham Arts
Art, Architecture and CNC/Rapid Prototyping.
at New Greenham Arts

CNC/Rapid Prototyping technologies are increasingly being used by artists and architects as an aid to the design process and as a means of producing finished artworks. The potential of technologies such as Selective Laser Sintering to build models directly from CAD files can contribute to design development and to the construction of art forms that are not possible by other means.

This seminar will bring together, artists, architects and industry personnel to introduce and discuss the potential of CNC/Rapid Prototyping in the context of art and architecture.
Speakers will include:

Tim Plunkett, Director , 3T RPD
3T RPD is a rapid prototyping company based at New Greenham Park and Tim will speak about their work in the production of an SLS model for the New Guggenheim Museum for Taichung, Taiwan designed by the architect, Zaha Hadid who is the first female architect to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize this year.

Helen Sloan, Director, SCAN
SCAN consists of a network of 10 arts organisations in the UK (mainly based in the South of England) SCAN is committed to identifying new models of production and distribution of artworks and other cultural products. Helen will introduce a new CNC/RP section on the SCAN web site.

Kevin Todd, Artist-in-residence, New Greenham Arts
Kevin will talk about his use of CNC/RP and try to position the use of computer-based art and design in a broader cultural context. Kevin is an Australian-based artist and Senior Lecturer in Computer-based Art and Design at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Dr Chris Bocking, Centre for Rapid Design and Manufacture (CRDM), Buckingham Chilterns University College
Dr Bocking will give an overview of the work and technologies at CRDM and speculate about future developments in CNC/RP.

Peter Randall-Page, Sculptor
Peter will talk about his work and his recent use of CNC in the context of hand carved sculpture. Peter is an established artist with record of exhibition and commissioned work in the UK and abroad.

Ruth Charity, Artpoint, Oxford
Ruth will speak about Artpoint’s role in commissioning artists to create new work for public spaces, focusing particularly on artist/architect collaborative projects.

Please register your interest in attending by e-mail or telephone before October 15th. / Tel: 01635 817 480 /
For directions to New Greenham Arts, see rear of exhibition invitation or Streetmap RG19 6HN

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