9PIN Artists' Statements

Ivan Pope

Temporgeography for artists

Original Concept – April 2004
The creation and mapping of artists environments

‘The expression temporal geography is unorthodox. Measuring and modelling the patterning of social activities, the movements of people and the diffusion of ideas, traits and practices in space and time have long been of interest to sociologists as well as geographers. Archaeologists know geography is not static … let us say temporal geography is about the ways in which we conceptualise and study the history and inter-relationships of things in the four dimensions of space time.’

Two one day GPS/image workshops will be prepared and held at
Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight, February 19, 10am – 5pm
New Greenham Arts, Newbury, March 12, 10am – 5pm

Ivan Pope presents A Locative Day Out

The satellite based Global Positioning System (GPS) allows us to record basic information about our location, direction, altitude and speed. Using small hand held devices, artists can record and interpret this data to create mapping, locative, durational and other works. GPS allows us to take back knowledge of our whereabouts, and to annotate this knowledge, or to reuse it as we wish.

Artists can use access to this locative data that forms the background to all our lives, to add another layer of information to work. Whether
we want accurate information or chaotic disinformation, the gps satellites transmit unceasingly 24 hours a day, not caring whether we make use of their datastreams or not. We can anonymously take up their offering and convert it to human data.

This one day live workshop will introduce the basic functioning of the GPS and demonstrate GPS devices and software along with digital cameras. Participants will be able to use GPS devices and digital cameras in the field to create their own personal mappings of the locality. These mappings will form the basis for a workshop in creating combined and annotated maps and images.

We will spend the day looking at software and hardware and discussing psychogeographic and locative issues while making our own maps, playing gps games and adding to the global store of waypoints.

Workshop to include:

Introduction to handheld gps units, cameras and software
Briefing on site for mapping project
2 hour walk to make maps and take pictures
Workshop in production of mappings and using images with maps
Production of personalised mappings
Ends with introduction to gps games

Update on Workshops – April 2005

Ivan Pope successfully delivered two workshops earlier this year to around 25 participants. He was able to advise a number of artists who wish to use locative media in their practice. On the back of this work, Ivan has been invited to take part in the VENT live art festival in Oxford

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