SCAN Launch Party


25th February 8pm – 1am


ARDISSON: Charles Matthews has released two extremely well received E.P.s on Seed Records and is currently working on his debut album “Second Fiddle”. He also recently appeared on the Warp Records’ compilation Warpmart Issue 1.

“Ardisson: the bastard child of 2-step, breakbeat and filthy groove, the Seed Records ambassador of Bass”

BEDOUIN ASCENT: Kingsuk Biswas has been recording under the Bedouin Ascent moniker since the early nineties with numerous releases on Rising High and Law & Auder.
No Immortal has just released “junk_ force”, the first solo Bedouin Ascent e.p. since 1994’s “Pavilion of the New Spirit” on Rising High Records.

“Here, Kingsuk Biswas continues his no-fi games with rhythms so irrational they playfully tease the linear structure of sequenced music to produce the exquisite effect of perpetual rolling. Spiralling currents pulled by ever tighter forces in an open field of possibility. Turning, turning… Lost forever in the loving warmth of urban noise and the sweetest tension.
While the whole of the dance arena concerns itself with the mechanical rhythm of propulsion – like drones synched to a universal clock, locked in constant forward motion – junk_force adopts a wholly lateral stance. Beats spiral, moving, at once, forward, sideways and backwards – like the adrenalin rush of a brisk young breeze, constantly changing direction – because there’s just so much sky! Change is, ultimately, the only constant.”

NEIL C SMITH: In Radio Access Memory, Neil C Smith, uses the latest in digital audio technology to remix and manipulate live radio. Inspired by the texts of postmodernist writer Arthur Kroker, the work explores digital sampling as an extension to human memory. It brings the plunderphonic aesthetic to the field of live electronic sound. Fragments of pop music, jazz, classical, spoken word and advertising are captured in real-time from across the radio spectrum. These fragments are looped and juxtaposed, sliced and manipulated, to create a soundworld ranging from smooth, hypnotic, ambient landscapes to harsh, distorted, digital rhythms. Because the only control the performer has over the source material is through the radio frequency dial, each performance is unique and directly relates to whatever sound can be snatched from the aether at the time of the performance. As the performance progresses, fragments are recorded (remembered), combined, manipulated and discarded (forgotten), emphasising the parallels between sampling and human memory. The resulting improvisation is a creative and symbiotic collaboration between human and machine – Neil C Smith fulfilling Kroker’s idea of an ‘android music processor’.

Neil C Smith is a Sound and Inter-Media artist based in Oxford. More information about his work at:

THE DOUBTFUL GUEST: A recent addition to the line up for the SCAN launch The Doubtful Guest’s refreshing energy in experimental dance and breaks is set to boost the evening’s lineup. Having recently contributed vocals to Ardisson’s new EP and soon to bring her own work out on Seed Records, The Doubtful Guest is set to be a rising star in the electronica scene.


moonpalace was established over four years ago and has put on monthly Sunday afternoon/evening electronica sessions at Monkey Chews, Chalk Farm and The Strong Rooms, Shoreditch ever since. moonpalace will be represented at this evening by co-founders PROPHANE and DANCON1.

REHABILITATION was set up over five years ago by Phil Earle (Law & Auder records) and has continued to present an electic mix of live sets and varied DJs once a month at their favourite bar – The Foundry in Old Street.
Present resident DJs at Rehabilitation, PETE STORMCROW and DANCON1, will be teaming up, as is usual, to play one of their infamous back-to-back sets.

DJ KROOKS is well known in the south for his Drum’n’Bass and Hip Hop sets. He regularly plays events in Southampton and Isle of Wight.

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