Lifter Experiment

‘Lifters’ – devices that levitate without moving parts or onboard fuel have been around for a while, but now there’s an upsurge in people making these things around the world and even Orville (a mouse) has flown on one.

A lot of the debate hinges not on wether they work but on why and how. There are two splits as far as I can see within the antigravity underground- NASA had initially done research in this area but shelved it for a while and are now back testing it again. The difference of opinion hinges on wether the effect is just from ion wind (something of particular interest to us as we’re experimenting with ions for our force field) or wether they would operater in a total vacuum and are therefore operating with “Field Effect Propulsion”.

The second theory holds that these devices work in a vacuum and as such would be an alternative for space travel.

This is our basic lifter that we’ve made. It’s a bit bodge but it’s only a little one made from balsa and foil. We’re picking up a power supply from an engineering testing firm at the end of the week and we’ll launch it then. We think that this will help us do some observable field tests to see what direction we can go in for the Invisible Force Field. The only snag is we we can’t work out how to make it totally safe for a viewing public yet.

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