Week 10

Monday October 6th

My weekend with a calculator failed me, for I am none the wiser to how to make this work.
When I arrived back at the lab, Kyp gave me a bundle of scribbled notes.
‘I’ve been doing some thinking, and I reckon this is the answer to all our problems’.
I sat down and went through eight pages of what seemed to be a catalogue of incoherent equations and diagrams.
‘After about half an hour I went to find Kyp, and told him ‘Sorry, I can’t follow any of this’. He looked slightly pissed off and replied, ‘Look, I’ve used a bit of short hand here and there, but it’s all sound’.
‘So what does it all mean?’ I asked.
‘Well, it’s all down there in front of view in black and white’.
‘That does not help me much’.
Kyp was getting more agitated.
‘Look it’s quite simple; we need to change the relays on the entire rig. The humidity has to be at 50 percent at the beginning of the ionisation process and then steadily rise with it until it reaches the critical point, this will allow the sheath vortex to build at a slower rate and will be, and I think this is where we were going wrong, the fluctuating levels between the ionised particles and the humidity will increase the speed of the vortex, but will also keep it structurally sounder due to the extended period before the static integrity is achieved. I told you it was simple’.
It took a while for me to take all of this in. It could work, but reconfiguring the rig to such an extent would take a lot of time.
‘This will take days if not weeks to try to change all the levels this radically’, I pointed out to Kyp.
‘A week’, Kyp replied, ‘ten days max.’ Anyway have you got any better ideas?’
I had nothing to say to this and merely stared at the bundle of notes in my hand. Now it had been explained to me certain equations started to make sense, but much of the rest of it was not so much written in short hand, but appeared to be written in code.
‘Look’, Kyp said, sounding like he was finishing this discussion, ‘Why don’t you sit down and try and work out your version of the maths. I’m telling you, it will work’.
At this point I realised it was futile in arguing, and if I were to, I would like to be backed up by some hard scientific facts, not just my hunch that it all sounded too implausible.
‘What are you going to do while I’m doing that?’ I asked resigning myself to another two days of number crunching and abstract logic.
‘Well, over the weekend I was playing about with the lifter and doing some minor anti gravity experiments, and I think I’m onto something with that as well.
‘What’s that then?’ I was intrigued.
‘Oh, all in good time’,
‘And what time will that be?’
There was a pause. ‘When the time comes’, Kyp replied cryptically, ‘When the time comes’.
I found this reply odd, and slightly disturbing as it had echoes of the enigmatic Mr. Parkes.
‘One final question ‘, I said to Kyp, ‘What made you think of this new configuration?’ I waved his bundle of notes in the air.
‘Oh, it just kind of came to me’, and with that Kyp wandered off to shed four where the lifter was situated.
Whether this is work of Mr Parkes, I do not know, but firstly I have to work out if any of this is possible. This is going to be a long haul.

Tuesday October 7th

A day of number crunching speculative physics, and so far all I can say is it’s fifty/fifty whether this could work. I didn’t see much of Kyp today. He’s taken to working in shed four with the door locked and a ‘Keep Out’ sign on the door. I left him to it.

Wednesday October 8th

Today I stayed at home to continue to work on Kyps new theory.
It is now midnight and I think I have finally finished, and to tell you the truth I don’t think it adds up. Some of it works, but as a whole it just does not add up.

I am not looking forward to telling this to Kyp in the morning. Further more, I have know idea how we are going to pull this off. Maybe the deadline was too short, maybe the funding was inadequate, maybe we should just leave this shit to the professionals, or maybe the whole thing has been sabotaged. I don’t know any more, all I know that we will need a great stroke of luck if we are to pull this off.

Thursday October 9th

As I left the house this morning, my eye was caught by a manila envelope lying face down on the door mat. It‘s size and form was instantly recognisable. I picked it up and turned it down. Mr Parkes was back.
I opened the envelope and read the contacts of the letter.

‘Dear I.F.F.E.
As always I have been following your progress with great and eager interest, and I fear that after such solid work that you have reached a certain impasse.
This maybe the time to offer some more advice. Please do not feel that I am impertinent in doing so, as I fully realise the hours you have toiled in your endeavour, and have indulged myself in an almost parental pride at your successes.
I know, due to my customary vigilance that you are considering quite a drastic different approach to your methodology. This I applaud with all my heart. I believe you are on the right track but alas are still over looking a major and if I might be so bold, essential part of the equation, which is power my friends, Power. You need more power.
Do not fight against it, but embrace it. Your entire system cries out for it, like a child cries for nurture your vortex needs the sustenance to allow it to grow and be strong.
You are so close to achieving what you have set out to do, and what you have set out to do is magnificent and will benefit us all, yet you hold yourself back.
I’m sorry. I seem to have let myself get a little carried away, but as always I can assure you that I have only your best interests at heart, and I can not feel that you are heading towards abject failure if you do not use the power to make you stronger.
As always,
Your fellow traveller,
Lucas Parkes.

I was a little shocked. Yet again he seemed to have knowledge of things only Kyp and I would know. Could Kyp have totally lost the plot and writing to me under the guise of Lucas Parkes?. Is Mr Parkes controlling Kyp, or do they have some kind of relationship that I do not know about?. Either way, what I found out from my work on the equations frightened me. It was not this strange, unsubstantiated and nebulous relationship between the two that worried me, it was the scientific data provided by my equations that scared me the most, and what scared me most that they may be right. We do need more power, but what the consequences if it were to go wrong were terrifying.
I walked to the lab confused, but I must admit excited. In a way, I wanted the force field to work so much that I didn’t care about all the strange intrigue surrounding them.
If Kyp could keep control of his paranoid tendencies, and I could keep control of the scientific vigour we might just succeed.
When I reached the lab I saw Kyps bike outside and the padlock open. I entered and walked through to the door of shed four. I ignored the ‘Keep Out ‘ and the recently added ‘DANGER: DO NOT DISTURB’ sign and knocked at the door.
‘Who is it?’ I heard Kyp shout.
‘It’s me I replied’.
I heard someone approach the door and a key turn in the lock..
Kyp looked tired and dishevelled, but then again, I guess so did I.
I walked into the shed and half expected to see the lifter whizzing around the room, but disappointingly it was very much routed to the ground.
’Kyp’, I said, I’ve done the work on your new theory’.
‘And?’, he asked .
‘I think it’s fucked’.
‘So do I’, he announced rather un-expectantly.
‘I made one major mistake’.
I waited to see if it was what I expected.
‘We need far more juice’.
This was not unexpected, but still it was as if we had hit a crossroads.
I have always in believed in thinking outside ‘the box’, but it depends on all the size of the box you draw. I also believe in true empirical data. However, our backs were against the wall and this, current theory was better than anything I could come up with, whoever the authors were. I reached a decision in a split second.
‘Well, I concur. Let the tests begin’.
Kyp looked confused, then mildly pleased.
‘Good’, he said.
‘Good ‘, I replied .
‘Excellent’ he said, rubbing his hands together.
‘Superb’ I added.
‘ f your happy, I’m happy. Let’s go to work ‘ replied Kyp.
And we did.

Friday October 10th

Today has been so tiring I can hardly write.
We have agreed to stay here over the weekend to re-configure the rig, and by any luck we will be ready to start the experiments by Tuesday.
I must admit, I have grave doubts about the path we are embarking upon. However, it might just work, and if it works it will be not only be amazing but beautiful, and this is what we set out to achieve.

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