Week 9

Monday September 29th

Monday I took the train back down to Sway with Kyp. He told me all about the intricacies of alien involvement with The American Space program. I previously thought that theory was just down to reverse engineering. Kyp spent a good hour correcting my naiveté.
I must admit that I have always had a soft spot for the faked moon landings stories, not that I believed them just they made for good yarns. I couldn’t quite work out weather Kyp believed the stuff he was telling me, although the Richard Nixon/ lizard connection seemed fair enough. By the time we reached Southampton we had done aliens, and had moved onto the matters in hand, our experiments. We were both full of ideas about what we should try first and agreed a general game plan.
I still hadn’t mentioned Lucas Parkes to Kyp, which worried me. I also wanted to tinker about with the ramp generator as Mr. Parkes had suggested. It was at this point that Kyp exclaimed;
‘Oh that’s another thing, I want to have a look at the ramp generator, I reckon reconfiguring it might do us some good.
I was slightly shocked. I had been thinking about this all weekend, and still could not work out how this would help us, and now Kyp seemed to be singing from the same hymn sheet as Mr. Parkes.
‘Why do you want to do that then?’. I asked Kyp.
‘ Kyp looked a little evasive and replied,’ Oh I don’t know, just a hunch. Nothing may come of it’.
It was at this point that two disturbing possibilities opened themselves up to me.
Could it be possible that Mr. Parkes was in touch with Kyp as well, and that Kyp too was hiding his existence from me as I was from him. If so, I wondered what Mr. Parkes was saying to Him. This could all get very messy, if it wasn’t already.
The other possibility I found even more distressing. It would explain a lot about Mr. Parkes knowledge of our work, and his apparent access to our equipment.
Could it be that Lucas Parkes is working with Kyp, or indeed is Kyp?.
It wasn’t Kyp’s handwriting that was for sure, but that means little. Kyp had indeed been rather edgey in recent weeks, and it is not uncommon for people working in this kind of high-pressure project to suffer psychotic episodes. He had also become more secretive, even refusing to write his web log, saying that He had started to feel uneasy about ‘ Giving too much away’, which is strange as I am the one who usually has to shut him up and remind of the dangers of going public before the peer review.
Maybe Lucas Parkes is some kind of monsterous alter ego, that maybe even Kyp isn’t aware of. Kyp could be suffering from a multiple personality disorder and if not held in check, this could be very dangerous to himself and the experiment.
These disquieting thoughts stayed with me for the rest of the day.
I kept a very close eye on Kyp when he tweaked the ramp generator, and indeed on all the chores he carried out when we back at the lab.
He seemed to notice this and got al little agitated. When he challenged me about this, I tried to dismiss it merely as the need to double checki everything at such an important point in the experiments.
He seemed to accept this, although there was definitely a tension in the room.
By seven O’clock we had prepared everything for a live experiment the next day, and we went home. As Kyp secured the padlock, any un easy feelings returned.
The next few weeks could prove to be very difficult indeed difficult.

Tuesday September 30th

We achieved some good results today. Essentialy we carried out the same experiment that we had attempted at Boulderwood, but on a smaller scale. As it was taking place in the lab, we had a greater control of the atmospheric conditions, but re-created similar conditions to the ones present at the Boulderwood Experiment.
The rig we set up had been slightly adjusted, and when we turned it on, it seemed to be quieter than it had been before. The Ramp generator had been re-configured to give what we would hope would be a smoother initial feed to the magnatron. The humidity levels were lowered, the release of ionised particles slowed down to allow the conductor to distribute them more evenly.
You could still see the force field, but only just, and today we were more worried about the incendiary effects. Anything that came in contact with it still got burnt to a crisp.
All readings appeared to be good and the force field held it’s integrity for 23 minutes.

Wednesday October 1st

More positive results.
By slightly lessening the main power feed to the magnatron the vortex seems to be slightly smoother, and so theoretically contains less internal friction, which should mean less burn up.
Thinking along these lines, I think that the speed of ionisation needs to be slowed down further.
These may lead to a less sustainable field, but I think there might be a way round this.
Kyp disagrees, and feels we may be wasting our time pursuing this particular avenue, but after much debate, has agreed to keep working on it until the end of the week. We are now both feeling the deadline approach.

Thursday October 2nd

A day of mixed results. The slowing down of ionisation does seem to have the desired effect, with core temperatures falling drastically. However, as predicted, the force field
is far less sustainable, at it’s longest lasting for only eight minutes.
I’m sure there is some basic maths that we are missing, something so obvious that it has been entirely overlooked. Kyp is getting more stressed by the day. He wants to go back to increasing the power we give to the magnatron. I have made my opposition to this known, but he is convinced this is the way forward, and this is what we will end up doing if I cannot work out another solution over the weekend.
Kyp has also started doing something strange, he has started copying down all of the data I collect into his own log book. He says it is important to keep extra copies, and that it helps keep a clearer over view of the experiments.
I can’t but help think that it is more to do with his strained behaviour, and to put it bluntly, he no longer trusts me.
I am still wondering about his connection to Mr. Parkes, but have put this to the back of my mind, as there is much work still to be done. Although I am keeping a close eye on Kyp, it has not offered me any answers or explanations to my concerns.
Maybe Mr Parkes next communiqué will shed some light on the whole affair.

Friday October 3rd

Whatever we do, we cannot seem to keep the force field up for very long unless the charge is lethal. The results today were much the same as yesterday.
I have returned to London to work on the maths and see if I can see through the mountains of data and find an answer.
I have left Kyp in Sway. It will be good for us not to see each other for a couple of days, and I hope it will lead to a better atmosphere in the lab.

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