Week 5

Monday September 1st

Today I can report a successful lifter experiment, and we are both very pleased.
We got it to climb to almost three and a half feet, which is pretty good considering how simple it is. It does look pretty good just floating in the air, although I did find Kyp’s insistence at spot lighting the lift off was a little over the top.

Still, I guess that even NASA has rather a penchant for theatricality when it comes to their launches.
With or without the spot, it still looked great, and a great deal more impressive the levitating a small magnet. This time you can hardly believe your eyes, but then again the best illusions are great because they are real.
We got hammered in the evening, and agreed to start some larger force field experiments this week, maybe take it out to the forest and try it. which is quite exciting.
However, I spent the walk home mainly dreaming of fleets of large lifters traversing the air above the streets, safely and silently winging drunks to their beds.

At the time the idea seemed to warrant a Noble Prize, but on sober reflection was a little over the top, and riddled with health and safety issues, not least of all the guarantee of drunks pissing on you from above.
A lot of good science would work if it weren’t for the people it attempts to help.

Tuesday September 2nd

Much of today was taken up with the mundane task of clearing up the lab, and making a big enough pathway through the hut to get the magnatron and generator out of the building.
Tomorrow will be quite an important day, as we are taking the mobile field unit out and conducting our first substantial Force Field Experiment.

We have found an area in the forest called Boulderwood, which seems to be a good place to go. It is secluded, has a high level of humidity and has little in the way of naturally occurring background magnetic fields.
After the clearing up, we ran safety tests on all the machines, it took a while to get it all up and running, but they were all fine.

Strangely and rather cautiously for Kip, he suggested that we did not pack up the machines until, first thing tomorrow, so we could give them a final check in the morning before we decamped.
This unwarranted act of scientific procedure is most unlike him, and makes me think that he is worried about something. He was also strangely edgy when we left the lab, and he kept on checking that all the doors were secure, and that no one could see in through the windows. Obvious precautions I admit, but not ones that usually take forty-five minutes.

He also asked for some of my notes and readings to go over tonight, which is also most out of character, as Kyp and numbers have the same sort of relationship as, well, clowns and fun.
Hopefully tomorrow’s tests will put both our minds at rest.

Wednesday September 3rd

Well today was a bit of a non-starter, as we did not actually make it out of the door with any of the equipment, which is most frustrating. Essentially, the thermostat on the humidifier seems to be malfunctioning, and so we could not take any accurate readings. Therefore, much to Kyp’s dismay I called a halt today’s activity. He wanted to go ahead and just see what happened, which I pointed out was not only pointless, as we would not know what had happened without the relevant data, but could also be highly dangerous, considering the voltage we are playing with.

Kyp finally came round to this idea, but only after he had growled on about ‘Strange forces ruining our experiments’. I tried to ignore this and get on with the job in hand,
But eventually got drawn into his strange world of blame and conspiracy.
It’s very odd how some people find these thoughts of black helicopters, reverse engineering, Government Mind control programmes (known otherwise to any reasonable person as the media) strangely comforting. I blame the collapse of the ‘Grand Narrative’ for this, but also a kind of perverse creeping existential angst, where conspiracy theorists believe that knowledge and not action is what makes them free, or as free as can be from the greys or the lizards or what ever flavour monster might be in this year.
Although, it is quite interesting, from a psychological point of view, that most alien abductees are know claiming to be whisked way by the ‘satanic’ lizards, as opposed to the more ‘angelic’ Greys.
My favourite conspiracy theory I heard recently is that The Industrial Revolution was kick started by an alien race as an exercise in terra forming the earth, to produce a more suitable, carbon monoxide rich atmosphere suitable for there breathing needs.
And there was me, thinking it was about capitalism, engineering and imperial expansion.
Many people use the terra forming idea to draw a link between the Lizards, the American Government, and their refusal to sign up to the Kyoto Agreement.
It’s amazingly creative thing the human mind when it wants to be.

Thursday September 4th

Black Thursday. Today it all went terribly wrong. There was some kind of explosion in
Shed four. I don’t want to say too much about it, as I really do not know what happened.
The explosion, although small, seems to have lead to a strange set of events inside the laboratory, which after discussing with Kyp, we have decided not to divulge.
The problem seems to have started with a malfunction in the circuit breaker in shed 4.
Luckily neither of us were hurt, and we quickly got it under control before the flames could take hold. However, it has seemed to have shorted a few important pieces of our kit, and we will need to try and find some replacements in London at the weekend.
I’m too tired and to tell you the truth, pissed off to write anymore.

Friday September 5th

In the morning Kyp said he had some ’business’ to take care of on his computer at the lodgings so I went to the Lab on my own.
The first thing that annoyed me was that I seemed to have lost the key to the padlock . I had definitely had it on my key ring, which makes it’s disappearance quite strange, but then after the occurrences in the lab yesterday, stranger things have happened.
It was after I had searched all my pockets to no avail that I noticed a corner of what appeared to be a manila envelope,poking out from under the door.
I bent down and eased it out and looked at the address. It merely said ‘ I.F.F.E.’
In florid hand written script.
I turned the envelope over and opened it.
Inside was, a single A5 sheet of writing paper, with a note written on it in the same handwriting as on the front of the envelope.
The note read.

‘Dear, Fellow Travellers.
You do not know me, but I feel we will meet soon.
I am very interested in your current enquires, and have been following them with great interest. Due to your secrecy, I have had to result to some rather unorthodox methods to keep up to date, but none, I hope, have interfered with your work, or that you personally have found too intrusive.
I believe I have some very interesting information for you, information which I will divulge when the time comes, which I feel could be soon.
I shall be in contact soon.
Lucas Parkes’.

I read the note again. It could be from a mad man, as it was written in green ink.
And if he was mad, then maybe he could be some kind of stalker.
I also did not like the reference he made to ‘interfering’ with our experiments.
Mr. Parkes gave no contact details, and so was obviously not into two-way communication. And what did he mean by ‘Fellow Travellers?’.
The whole thing disturbed me, but I was pulled from my thoughts by someone approaching on the gravel drive.
It was Kyp.
I instinctively put the note in my pocket and hid if from his view.
We spent the morning cataloguing the spares and equipment we needed to re order from London, and then set of at lunchtime to catch the warehouses before they shut for the weekend.
It was on the journey back that I decided not to tell Kyp about the letter, as he seems to be getting paranoid enough about all the equipment failures, and having an interloping stranger in our midst would just set him off. No, for now I shall keep this secret, until I find out more about ‘Mr Parkes intentions’.

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