Monday September 1st

Finally, when I arrived back in Sway I found Simon holding a cardboard box and grinning.
‘Here you go’, he said, ‘don’t say I never get you anything, I opened it and it was what I had been waiting for, a power supply for the lifter.

I literally ran into shed three and grabbed the lifter. I plugged the power supply into the generator and attached it .
Simon was at the generator reconfiguring the out put to 20,000 volts.

The expectation in the air was exhilarating and palpable.

I looked at the lifter, made out of balsa wood foil and a bit of gaffa tape, with no moving parts, no rotors and no wings, yet theoretically, as soon as we provide the juice it will levitate.

Simon told me that we are ready to go, and I stand back and told him ‘Let it fly’.

I heard the click of the switch, and saw the lifter stay exactly where it was.

We both waited.

Nothing. Not even a wobble.

I looked at Simon, and he looked at the generator.

‘Shit, I know what it is, sorry, this will only take a minute and ducked behind the machine and I heard a few more clicking of switches.

‘The polarity was wrong, sorry, now we it should work’.

Worried by the set back, I found myself fussing with the lifter, and trying to flatten some of the more wrinkled foil.
‘Are you ready?’ Simon said and I replied in the affirmative. Bloody yes, I am ready.
I heard a switch being flicked and the hum of electricity permeate the room.

Then it happened.

The lifter finally lived up to its name and lifted, a slow but steady five feet off the floor.
It hung in the air, with a single wire attached providing the juice.
We both stood with faces only provided by witnessing the sublime. The sublime was soon replaced by self-satisfied grins as the balsa wood structure hovered in mid air, seemingly defying gravity.
It was truly a wondrous sight.

As Simon turned of the power supply channel the dwindling voltage caused the lifter, to gracefully float back to earth, until it was within ten inches of the ground when all the juice had finally ebbed out of it and it un-ceremonially fell to the ground as if it had just been dropped.
My trance was broken by Simon saying.
‘Excellent, but it would never work in a vacuum. NASA claim to have proved that.
What followed was a long discussion on the topic of ion winds, hypothetical zero pint energy fields and the possibility of electrical fields pushing against space-time, the last topic, both of us dismissing and leading to Simon launching into a spiel about the bad physics in Star Trek, including a slightly hypocritical attack on a so called ‘Gravitron’. (Quote’ I mean what the hell is a ‘Gravitron’ what it is at home? Is that what Bill Viola programmes to make his video pieces?)’.

However we were both in very good spirits and we celebrated by going to the pub, and discussed the main business at hand, the force field.

Tuesday September 2nd

We are going to conduct our first major force field experiment tomorrow.
Inspired by yesterday’s performance of the lifter, we really have a grasp of what heavily ionised air can produce,
We are sure of where to start. Good job we ditched the cold plasma idea, and stuck with good old fashioned static. We have cleared the lab to make way for a test, before taking the mobile generator and magnatron into the Forest, and bigging up the juice away from people, structures and the national grid. With the readings we get there we should be able to ascertain whether we can use the national grid and safely replicate it in a built up area.
Today was another mundane day of checks and, on Simons demand, ‘rigorous safety, and scientific procedures’. All rather unnecessary in my opinion, but if it gets the job done, then so be it.
Only one thing left me feeling uneasy today.
Last thing, I took some readings from the dew point analyser, and Simon ‘accidentally’ spilt some coffee over them, and rubbed it down with the sleeve of his lab coat.
Now, I don’t want to appear paranoid, but I’m sure the figures I had originally written down had been altered and down sized.
Simon also seemed to be acting strangely, as if he was up to something.
I think, just to prove myself, wrong I need to keep a close eye on him and his readings.
I think, I shall double-check all the results.
I’ll put it down to peer review. He will like that.

Wednesday September 3rd

A slight, but never the less highly annoying set back.
The temperature reading on the humidifier seems to have gone tits up.
Simon refuses to carry on with the experiment until it is fixed.
I’m sure he is just trying to frustrate me, but I guess he is right. It would be pointless in carrying on if we did not know what we were doing.
I spent the rest of the day on the phone to the local electricity board, as I am sure that our current is fluctuating to a ridiculous level. Tesla claimed that you could send a current through the earth safely without the use of cabling and wires.
If that’s true then you must be able to disrupt the flow of power using the same means.
That thought might be important. What possibly happened to North America and London might be happening to us. These may not be accidents, but designs.

Thursday September 4th

Jesus what a day. At about 3.15 we heard a huge bang from shed four, and the lights went out. Now, we guessed it was not the lights and ran into shed four to find the sheath vortex oscillator smouldering, and various pieces of kit wired into it arcing electricity.
Simon ran out to cut off the electricity, and I waited for his call and I threw a fire blanket over the oscillator. This seemed to calm down the small licks of flame that were starting to appear. By the time Simon ran back in, the room was full of smoke, and so visibility was quite poor, but something happened. God knows why, but Jesus, did we seem to get a result. Simon does not want us to disclose the details yet, as the details even our versions of what we saw are hazy and slightly contradictory.
However, I am now thoroughly convinced that someone is tampering with our kit in some way in an attempt to scupper the experiments. There is just too much evidence, too many accidents, for it all not to be connected. Look at last week’s false alarm. I am now of the opinion this was the direct result of someone trying to tamper with the system remotely.
As for Simon, I don’t think he is part of this, but I have learnt over the years to trust no one, and you never know he might have been duped into the attack unwittingly. And so for now I will launch my own personal investigations and introduce a special security system, that way dismissing or confirming his involvement in this plot.
The first thing I need to do is get Simon’s copy of the padlock key, which should give me sole control over who enters.
Drastic measures, but these are increasingly worrying times.

Friday September 5th

I got up early this morning and went down stairs to Simons bag. I found his keys and removed the one for the padlock. I felt strangely bad doing this, but I need to if I am to eliminate him from my suspicions.
I thought it would be better if I were not there when he made the discovery and so made some excuses about having to stay at home for ten minutes to finish something off on the computer.
When I arrived at the lab, he was standing at the door, and when he told me he had lost his key he obviously did not expect me at all.
The day was spent making an inventory of all the pieces and spares we needed to get sent up from London. Luckily the damage was quite localised, and only extended to four pieces of equipment. This will still put us out of action for a couple of days, but it could have been far worse.
We jumped on the train back to London at lunchtime, but only after I had safely secured the sheds, and did the sellotape trick again. This time I made a very small puncture mark in the tape with a compass, which left a tiny indentation in the wood. If these were not aligned when I got back, I’ll have proof that I am dealing with a very clever interloper, strategies for which I will mull over at the weekend.

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