Monday August 25th

On my return to Sway I immediately went to the lab to check my sellotape trap, and to my surprise found the seal still there. Still, that did not prove that someone has been getting into our lab, only that either no-one did this weekend, or that we are dealing with a very clever interloper, who saw the tape and replaced it on the way out.
I think I need to be very vigilant over the coming weeks.
Simon arrived just after me and we set about trying to work out what made the alarm go off on Friday. After a dull morning of checks and safety tests there seemed to be no evident cause, and so we put it down to an unexplained force alarm.

In the afternoon I built a lifter. Nothing fancy, just a whole new possible field of physics, that’s all. NASA are far more into them than they let on, due to their un-holy alliance with the petro-chemical industry, and are putting a lot of time and effort into them, although obviously dismissing them as of minor use. I think I read that they have some interest in using them as Mars gliders with beamed power. Well, if they admit that much,
you know they and their comrades in the military industrial complex must be up to their necks in it. They are most probably building 80 feet wide lifters and flying them around area Fifty One and scaring the rednecks.
Still, show this technology to the American population and the majority would most probably think that it proved the existence of angels.

Lifters are beautiful things and very simple to make, but we ran out of gaffer tape after the shops had shut, so we cannot finish it until tomorrow.

Still, something to look forward to.

Tuesday August 26th

There is nothing like a trip to a hardware store to start a day.

David Smith, The American sculptor said that hardware stores are infinitely more interesting than art galleries, and I for one am in complete agreement.

I mooched about a bit looking at the all the amazing objects they had there, trying to second guess what we would need for our experiments this week. One of the problems with working in such a low tech way is that, we are always having to create little extra things ad hoc, and for want of a length of string, the whole day could be wasted.
As well as the gaffer tape, I bought some extra foam piping, more copper wire, and a padlock for the door to the shed. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

When I returned to the lab I started work on the glider and by lunchtime it was finished.
It was then that disappointment struck. Simon informed me that we did not have an appropriate power supply for it, and so it would not fly. On top of the disappointing experiments from last week I felt cheated.
Simon went to the office and placed an order with an engineering testing firm in Lymington, who said they would hopefully have one by the end of the week.
So until then it will be a waiting game, the lifter wrongly trapped by gravity.
Before we left the lab I fitted the padlock to the shed door, and explained it away by saying that the person over the road had told me that they had seen some kids hanging around here the night before. Simon seemed to go for this and didn’t question me any further.

Wednesday August 27th

Not wanting to wait until Friday (or possibly even next week, as I need to go to Yorkshire on Thursday night) for the power supply for the lifter I borrowed a car and went on a tour around the local area looking for likely suppliers. Not unexpectedly I returned empty handed, apart from a new, well second hand Galvonometer and a few spare resistors. It was good to get out of the shed though, and see some of Hampshire. If you have never been, it is really quite flat, not like East Anglia or South Yorkshire, but hardly what you could call hilly. It is also quite bleak, in a strange way, with at times, when the sun hits the heather, an almost apocalyptic feel.
Also there are horses everywhere, striding across roads and blocking the motorists, until they, the horses decide to let them pass.

I must admit, I seem to enjoy the countryside far more than Simon. At times he seems
quite perturbed by the trees and the fields, and the general lack of urban chaos.
Although we achieved little today, I feel better for getting out and about a bit, and feel good about my little lifter waiting to levitate.
I think, maybe next week, we will be ready to start the force field experiments proper.

Thursday August 28th

In preparation for the force field experiments I tested the electro magnets, so I indulged myself in random acts of magnetism. The reason I like magnets so much is that no one really understands why they work or what they do. Maybe that’s why I’m so hooked on the lifter, after like why do aeroplanes fly? Now that lift theory has almost been discredited, no one knows why aeroplanes fly, particularly the coke-addled bastards who pilot them.
I have been up in a plane many times, and so can empirically state that they do fly. The reasons they give for this phenomena or ‘science’ I believe to be pure hokum. That’s why I think we can make an invisible force field, as the physics behind this seems reasonable if, and only if you are used to thinking outside the box. Man learnt to fly by thinking extraordinary things, even if over 100 hundred years later their traditional scientific explanations seem to be falling around them. Planes still fly, it’s just not for the reasons they thought they did. Maybe it’s a question of faith over reason; maybe faith always precedes reason in all of humanity’s greatest achievements, and faith is the thing that keeps it going until we truly find out what the real deal is.

The magnets were as fun as always, at one point I sucked all the change out of Simons pockets, and even pinned the leg of the director of the gallery against the wall (how was I to know he had metal pins in his legs due to a bizarre gardening accident?).

Everything seems to be working fine, and next week is looking very positive. Simon says he has looked over my speculative maths for boosting the power to the magnatron, and he agrees that it seems to be safe, although you can tell that he has his reservations.

Still, great discoveries were not made with reservations or hesitations, but with leaps of faith, and an open mind.
I have another conference to attend this weekend, being held in Holborn and discussing cold fusion in relation to ‘Grey’ propaganda and CIA mind control experiments.. It should be a lively one.

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