Monday August 18th

I returned first thing this morning and soon found myself at the lab setting up our kit for some shielding/anti gravity experiments. It was as I was doing this that I had, what might be a very important idea. I looked at our maths relating to the power /humidity, equation and decided that we had seriously underestimated the amount of voltage we needed, but not only that, but we had also erred far to much on the side of caution as to how much voltage not only could we supply, but also safely control.
In celebration I bought several ice creams, ate one of them and stored the others in the back up refrigeration unit for later.
When Simon returned I told him of my discovery, and he seemed quite perturbed at the idea of using more juice, so I did what I now know works and took him down the pub and let several pints of beer put his mind at rest. This worked quite well, and as I write this I am convinced more than ever that we need more power.
Still, tomorrow I am starting our first anti gravity/shielding experiments, and I think it will be a lot of fun.

Tuesday August 19th

Today was spot on. We managed to shield by a further 1.8% maybe even 1.9 % which is really rather good for our first go, and that was only using a fraction of the power that I think is at our disposal. Admittedly we had to take it easy to begin with, as it’s all rather a dark art, but the possibilities are tremendous.
Simon is getting a bit nervous about releasing the results without peer review. He’s worried about what happened to Podklentov, and how that all seemed to go belly up.
I don’t really mind that much, because this is only the beginning.
Once we really drop the temperatures, and push the superconducter we will really get somewhere. I feel the need to widen these experiments, and inspired by the weekend’s conference, I have decided to build a lifter, but that will have to wait until next week,
For now, I’m happy making a feather drop slowly, for I think soon it will be flying like it is still attached to the bird.

Wednesday August 20th

That’s more like it. Another 1.6% shielding capability was achieved today, and all I have to do is wait for the maths to say it’s OK and I’m going to whack the juice and really see what we are capable of. If we are achieving this with our crude set up, I bet Dr Li is getting some amazing results, but just not letting on. For one thing her HTSCD (High temperature super conducting disk) makes our crude machine look like a turntable covered in silver foil. I wonder just how far Dr. Li has got?. As I have said on our website, she is claiming that her device has the potential to produce a force field that would neutralize gravity 1-ft-dia region extending from the surface of earth to outer space.
It makes me wonder if she is being rather conservative with the word ‘potential’, and has in fact achieved something really quite remarkable.
Lets see what we can do tomorrow.

Thursday August 21st

Very disappointing, and in a way quite worrying. Although we increased the power to the superconductor, and dropped the temperatures even further, we could not replicate anything like the results we achieved yesterday.The best we got was a risible 0.8%.
Now this goes against all reasoning, and I am very very pissed off.
Simon seems a little more sanguine than me, and puts it down to’ customary anomalous results’. I cannot agree. I feel something a little more sinister could be at work.
When I returned to The lab this morning, I remember looking at the Dew point meter, and noticing that the settings were configured in a way that were strangely unfamiliar to me.
Almost exactly the same as I had left them the night before, with two minor exceptions. The same thing with the ramp generator, almost exactly as I remembered it, but with the temperature turned down further than I have ever turned it.
I asked Simon if he had touched any of them, and he hadn’t and I thought little more of it.
However after today’s readings, I have started to feel that maybe some one had been in there, and that something may not all be quite right.
I’ll keep this to myself for a couple of days and see how events unfold.

Friday August 22nd

Today was another strange day, and one that I feel maybe of some importance. Firstly, We found out that Yesterday, a week to the day of the North American grid failure that London too had been plunged into darkness. Coincidence?, I don’t think so, and I am not alone in thinking that it may have been another attack.
Remember our friends The Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese cult I mentioned before, well their leader come Guru Shoko Asahara openly predicted The 1995 Kobe earthquake.
Maybe not an example of prophecy, more of a threat, as many people still suggest that the earthquake was caused by a laser powered seismic weapon. Far fetched you may think, but not far fetched enough for a special investigation to be launched by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. In their report they exposed Aums fascination with Tesla weapons, particularly with his experiments with resonating frequencies, Tesla coils and his work on ‘ high energy voltage transmission and wave amplification’, the theoretical blue print for earthquake machines.
Now there are many fringe if not openly crackpot theories about Tesla, but the facts pertaining to The Aum cult can not be denied. Neither can the fact that upon Tesla’s death, his research notes on ‘Ray guns’ were seized by the US Government and placed under lock and key, where they still remain today, highly classified sixty years later.
I am not suggesting that The Aum are responsible for the current wave of power cuts, but that SOMEONE is, and the technology is out there to do it, technology that our Governments most probably have, but will not admit to. Maybe who ever is responsible for these attacks are merely trying to force their hand, and getting the authorities to admit that they too have been enthralled by Tesla for a long but secretive time.

The other thing that happened today which is slightly disturbing is that the alarm went off in the lab, and particularly worrying considering the hints of tampering I witnessed yesterday.
The alarm went off last thing in the day, and a cursory inspection (which followed a rather ungraceful evacuation) seemed to imply that nothing was wrong.
In the end we decided to shut it all down, and after basic safety checks, we hit the switch and locked up the lab. Just to be on the safe side, without telling Simon, I placed a very small piece of clear tape across the gap between the door and the frame. Let’s see if it is still sealed on Monday.

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