DAY 9 Monday August 11th

Feel refreshed from cycling a circuitous route to the seaside at the weekend. Also weird weaving in and out of horses and cars confronting each other in some bizarre ritual on the flat plains of the open forest. Saw countless people having packed lunches whilst sat in car parks. Presumably with the air conditioning on. No wonder it’s so bloody hot. Slept outside in a tent. Woke up roasting at 5 am. Set off back to Sway, and cycled past a field that was glistening. Stopped off and had a look. Never seen so many spiders webs in all my life.

Back to work tomorrow. Fire up some of the kit and see how it performs. Calibrate sensors so that zero is zero. Always a good start knowing where the start of the piece of string is, if not the exact length.

DAY 10 Tuesday August 12th

Came across some inteference on one of our monitoring systems today. A fluctuation on an oscilloscope that seemed to not just be noise but a discernible pattern. It kind of reminded me of the time I was sat in a pub in south london (only having just ordered my first drink) and mid conversation I began receiving taxi-cab signals but only in my left ear. Made me jump. Didn’t know what was going on. Managed to trace the source to a boxed in radiator with a grille that was amplifying a signal from an incorrectly grounded transmitter two doors down. Anyway, have come across some early research from just after the turn of the century done by a fellow named George O Squier. In an article published in Scientific American ( July 14, 1919, p. 624 ) titled “With Trees For Ears” – A Wireless Station Within the Reach of Everybody. Having read this, some of what was happening in the pub now makes perfect sense. The sound wasn’t travelling down the pipes in any conventional manner, but the whole arrangement was like the one described for radio signals from trees. I’m posting more information in the research section of this and we’re going to start conducting some experiments as there may be some crossover with naturally occuring force fields or at least a chance to tinker with some of Tesla’s experimental set-ups.

DAY 11 Wednesday August 13th

Simon’s been checking out the electrics whilst I’ve been manufacturing bismuth for a levitating magnet experiment today. It stinks. The levitating magnet’s a bit tricky to refine. There are real problems with stabilizing a magnet (technically meant to be impossible unless you’ve got a superconductor) but possible as I’ve seen it done. Getting the magnet right is harder than I thought. May need to borrow a better equipped lab.

Still boiling hot (especially in the south facing studio). Retired to the pub to cool down. Met a man called ray who said that when he was driving coach tours he used to tell tourists (and in particular American tourists) that the tower was built on reclaimed land from the sea (we’re over five miles away from the sea) and that it was a disused lighthouse.
Couple of power failures today after an electrical storm. Don’t think the leccy supply is that consistent.

Day 12 Thursday August 14th

Day got off to a shakey start after rather an abrasive conversation with Simon in The morning.
Apparently, according to the breakfast news there was a huge black out in The States, with by the sounds of it vast parts of Northen America being left without electricity.
Now all I did was point out that a small but dedicated group of terrorists, (or freedom fighters depending on your point of view) could have done this with Tesla coil based weaponry. Fair point I think, look at The Aum Shinrikyo cult who attacked the Tokyo subway with Sarin; they have been proven to have a keen interest in developing Tesla weapons. However Simon just went into his usual routine about data and evidence, and basically accusing me of being paranoid.

Sometimes he has such a closed mind that I don’t think he could ever really crack it as a true scientist.
All I did was offer a possible alternative reason for the power cuts, which he dismissed out of hand, which is not good science. He should learn to think outside the box, and not just peer over the edge. I mean I am not one of those nutters who believe Tesla is living on Mars (and believe me there are plenty of people who do). It’s just that Tesla created so many cutting edge ideas that they are still only just being understood now, and some by people outside the mainstream scientific community with all sorts of agendas.
I just think that if blueprints are out there, at some point someone will use them, and people have to wake up and accept the idea, and not just dismiss it as conspiratorial nonsense.
The rest of the day was spent mostly running tests on the oscillator coil and tinkering with the’magnatron’.
The evening picked up when after retiring to the pub, Simon got hammered and I convinced him that we should start to concentrate on some anti gravity experiments.
My logic runs that if we are creating an invisible force field, we are in the same scientific ballpark as current theories in anti gravity, so why not cross fertilize these ideas.
Anyway I told him about my experiments yesterday with my levitating magnet experiments, and he got rather excited. Then, as always he said he would look into the maths over the weekend, which is the sort of thing I think he gets his kicks out of.
We are both going back to London for the weekend tomorrow, Simon to his calculations, and I’m going to a two day conference on Lifter Technology, which should be very good indeed.

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