Monday August 25th.

I spent much of the day checking our alarm system.
As far as I can see, there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Even the sensors, which have all ways been a little sensitive, seemed to be working within there given parameters.
At a guess, there is a possibility that it was caused by the fluctuating power from the grid we seem to get. Still, they were also wired to the back up generator, which should have kicked if there was a sudden drop in power.
It all remains a mystery.
In the afternoon, Kyp made a lifter, but didn’t get to finish it, as we ran out of tape.
There is a lesson to be learnt here, and is that you can never have enough tape. Ever.

Tuesday August 26th

I hate hardware shops, but Kyp seems I addicted to them. The strange thing that in all the time I have known him, he has never bought anything from a hardware shop, and use it as it at it was designed for. Which is why this morning I was wondering what he has in store for it. Maybe he thinks his lifter experiment will be so successful that it will have to be chained to the ground. Still, we didn’t have a power supply. So it wasn’t tested.
Still, I found out what the padlock was for. Flying against character be bought it to keep the door locked. He’s seems to have got paranoid about some kids hanging about.
Now, you get many things in Sway, and ‘Kids, hanging around’ there is not an abundance of, some would say there is even a paucity.
However, I couldn’t be bothered to argue, and so he put it, took it down at put it up correctly and then called it a day.

Wednesday August 29th

Kip decided on going on a fruitless attempt buying a power supply for the lifter.
However this did me the day to myself in the lab. At first I toyed with the idea of trying a small force field experiment, but in the end went back to the shielding experiments we had varied readings from the week before.
I mainly varied the revolutions of the High Temperature Super conducting Disc.
I with a slightly lower speed I got it back up to just over 1%, (1.04 to be precise).
Not as good as last week, but better than how we left it on Friday.
To be honest, it may not be shielding at all. We think it is, all our readings tell us it is,
But there is always that doubt, that even if the instruments are telling you it is shielding the feather, it is still hard to totally believe in something you cannot experience in any other way than a stream of data.
The further I get into these experiments, the more the borders empirical science seem to be soft and pliable.
Still, either way the maths still has to be done. Which I carried on doing late into the evening.

Thursday August 28th

We played around with the magnatron for most of the day, which may have caused me to loose all of my change, but did lead to a rather amusing incident involving
A member of the artsway staff and a very funny walk.
It’s the funniest things I’ve seen since being in the countryside, but then again ‘Countryside’ and ‘Funny’ are not two words that seem indelibly linked in my sub-conscious. Admittedly they are not as far apart as ‘funny’ and ‘clown’, but in the same ballpark, if you know what I mean.
I am sure I could never live somewhere this rural; I don’t think I could ever fully relax.
The most relaxed I’ve felt since I’ve been here was on the top of a pedestrian bridge crossing a four lane road. In London I live near a rather large main road and the sound it makes is more the sea than the sea ever is.
Anyway, I found it quite comforting, and so I am looking forward to my return to London
Before we left, Kyp and I agreed, increasing the power to the magatron.
His maths looked good, a little optimistic in the furthest reaches, but some of it is definitely worth a go, but not until Monday.

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