This is another form of force field production, we found on the net, posted by William J Beaty. Now, we don’t fully understand this one. This does not mean it is not a viable hypothesis, only it’s a bit particular. Although we have a working knowledge of the physics of sound, we found some of Beatys ideas hard to follow, and he states that it is just a theory and never been tested, and so we passed on this method too.

However, his theory, or ‘speculation’ as he calls brackets it involves producing thin ‘Pressure membranes’ by and I think this is right) a spike impulse or ‘delta function ‘ within an acoustic resonator containing a type of sinusoidal standing wave and supporting a number of harmonics.

Beaty explains; ‘A Delta function is composed of all possible sine waves of frequencies 1,2,3,4,etc. When a large set of sine wave signals are all added together, they cancel out everywhere except at the zero location (origin) of the graph. There they add up to create a large transient-spike’. He continues by suggesting an organ pipe as an example of an acoustic resonator containing all the appropriate qualities.

Essentially, (and this is a brief summary) acoustic standing waves are selected to produce a pressure maximum in the mouth of the pipe, and if the audio amplitude is high in intensity, the pressure created at the mouth at the end of the pipe might become so high that it would become a kind of ‘shock wave’, in which the waveform excursion approaches both two atmospheres and vacuum. The shock wave essentially would bounce the sound back into the pipe, and the possibly even block objects entering the pipe.
The pressure at the end of the pipe would be akin to a very thin membrane, which would be invisible unless viewed from an angle, at which point it would appear silver, due to internal reflections.

As I stated, this is a hard theory to grasp, and we are still quite perplexed by it. However we are aware of the amount of things that sound can achieve, and it’s still, in many ways unexplored possibilities so we feel further exploration of this area is required, just not by us. (although we are currently experimenting with infra sound which, if we get any good results we’ll report them else where on the site).

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