Another way we found to make force fields involves cold plasma. We abandoned this process at early stage due to the lack of plasma producing facilities.

However, it is still an interesting and viable method, which is currently under scrutiny. It may well also be of particular interest to ‘Star Trek’ Fans.

The following is a synopsis of an article written by James Schultz entitled ‘Force Fields and ‘Plasma’ shields Get Closer to Reality’ written for

Of the 10 million dollars The US Air force spends on researching satellite protection, 20% is dedicated to low temperature plasma studies.

One of the areas in which these technologies could be used is in defending against an attack from new weapon systems.

“In theory, a plasma could deflect a particle beam or laser attack.It depends on what you’re shooting at it and how high you can tune the plasma frequency. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or practically achievable, particularly with cold plasma. It’s a tough requirement to meet at present,” states Mounir Laroussi, an electrical and computer engineer at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and a leading expert in this field.

Laroussi has been experimenting with plasma within a plexiglass cube, the plasma being created by passing an electric current through helium gas via specially calibrated electrodes.
This allows a large volume of plasma to be produced at normal atmospheric pressure.

James Schultz explains; “Swirling in and around one another, a plasma’s charged particles interact constantly, giving rise to localized attractions or repulsions. External energy splashing against the plasma…. could be caught up within the plasma’s complex electromagnetic fields to be dissipated completely or deflected into space.”

However, the ability to create a plasma shield that protects against physical attack is still considered to be decades away.

Seemingly a far more achievable short-term aim appears to be the ability to cloak satellites or spacecraft from radar tracking.

Current experiments suggest that plasma can be made into an ‘energy mirror’, deflecting incoming electromagnetic waves, from ground-based radars. In essence, any craft employing this kind of plasma field would be completely cloaked from radars, so essentially rendered invisible.

“The idea is to deflect or absorb the energy completely,” Laroussi said. “If you absorb the energy completely dissipating it within the plasma, the radar doesn’t see anything. Nothing reflects back.”

So essentially, Plasma based invisible force fields are on the way, but if NASA are still decades away, they must be a bit tricky to make, and
we felt it would be an almost impossible task to replicate these experiments on such a small scale.

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